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If you have not received the email, it may still be on the way.

When mail servers are overloaded, they sometimes experience delays of up to 15 minutes. In rare occurrences, it can be quite a bit longer. Or it may have been filtered within your email system.

We recommend you allow 15 minutes and, if the email has not arrived, try these steps.

  • Check to be sure that you are allowing emails from and
    (otherwise known as white-listing).
  • Check your Spam or Junk folders to make sure the email was not filtered to one of them. If it was filtered to a Spam or Junk folder, you may want to check with your email provider on how to fix this, as there could be times during the course when you’ll want to receive emails from addresses.

Your username is the full email address you registered with. If you still have not received your registration confirmation email (which includes your password), you can use the “Forgotten your username or password?” link to generate a temporary password.