Quick Start Guide

  • On the site home page, you should see five areas of importance:

    1. Name of course(s) − Click the course name to enter the course, or click the “Go to next” option to jump to whatever activity you need to complete next.
    2. Expiration date(s) − Please note: The registration period for a course begins the day the course is purchased, not the date of your first login.
      • “Request more time” is only available if you have not clicked to get your certificate, and, your time has expired or you have a week or less left in your registration period. Please do not contact support to ask before the option is available to you. We cannot consider requests before that time.
    3. Help:
      • The Quick Start Guide is to orient you to the Billy Graham Online Evangelism system and courses. If you are new to online learning, we recommend you go through this guide first.
      • The How to Get Help block contains Frequently Asked Questions and a link to get Request Help. The Request Help link will walk you through a few questions and if they do not resolve your issue you will be directed to a support team that should be able to help you. If you request assistance using another method, it could result in you waiting an unknown amount of time.
      • If you ask for assistance, it is likely that the support team will need to contact you via email. Please make sure you are allowing email from help@onlinecoursesupport.com and billygraham@onlinecoursesupport.com. If you do not receive an email from the support team within a few days, you should check your Trash or Spam folder. If you do not respond to the support team’s email within a few days, they will make a second attempt to reach you. After a reasonable period of time, if there is still no response from you, they will close the request as resolved.
      • In your support request, be sure to identify the course by its specific name. For example, if you simply say you need help with the “Evangelism” course, the support team may have difficulty determining which course you are enrolled in, and the assistance you need may be delayed. Billy Graham Online Evangelism Training includes multiple evangelism courses, and the support team serves other organizations in addition to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)—so be specific!
    4. My profile and Logout links—if you edit your profile, please note: The way your name appears in your profile is what will be printed on your certificate.
    5. The User settings block allows you to change your password and modify your forum preferences, such as email digest and auto-subscription settings.
  • The opens in a new window icon is a visual indicator that the link opens in a new window or a new tab, depending on your device and preference settings.