Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

  1. Click “Forgotten your username or password?” on the login page.
  2. Enter either your username or email address.
    Note: If you attempt to enter both, you will be asked to submit only one.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to confirm your password change request. Follow the link, or copy and paste the URL into your browser, to confirm.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts.

When trying to log in, I am being told “LDAP-module cannot connect to any servers.” What do I do?

The LDAP message is displayed when Moodle does not recognize your username. For the Billy Graham Online Training course, your username is the email address you were registered with, so you should confirm that you have typed your email address correctly.

Note: Many browsers try to remember usernames for you, so if your email address begins similarly to a username for a different online account with another group or service, check to make sure it is not entering the username for the other account. The input field is small, and it may hide portions of a larger username or email address so that you cannot see it all unless you attempt to manually change it.

How long do I have to complete the course of study?

  • Our currently supported courses have 90 days to complete.
  • Your registration expiration date is listed below the course description on the site (not course) home page. Registration begins when payment is processed.
    shows an expiration date

My registration has expired (or will expire soon). Can I request more time in my course(s)?

Although we cannot give unlimited access, due to copyright restrictions and system resources, we want everyone to finish. When there is only one week left in your registration, or your registration has expired, you will be provided with a button link where you can request an extension.

shows Request more time option

Unfortunately, we cannot consider extension requests prior to the final week of your registration.

How do I change my email address or other personal information in the course?

  1. From the User settings block, click User preferences, or, from the User drop-down menu, click Preferences.
    shows link in block shows drop down menu
  2. Under User account, or, to the right User details, click Edit profile.
    highlights location of edit profile highlights another edit profile option
  3. Your certificate will display your name as it appears in “First name” and “Surname” fields.
    • Your first and last names may be viewable to others in the course. Please do not set these to your username that you use to log in to the course.
  4. You can modify your email address or any other field listed on this page. If you change your email address you will be required to confirm the change before it takes effect.
    Note: You cannot change your username. It will always be the email address used to register for the course so that we can match the online account to the purchase record.
  5. We have disabled the ability to upload user pictures for security reasons.
  6. When you are finished updating your information, scroll down and click Update profile.

How do I make my email address private?

  1. From the User settings block, click User preferences, or, from the User drop-down menu, click Preferences. (See illustration from 'step a' above.)
  2. Under User account, or, to the right User details, click Edit profile. (See illustration from 'step b' above.)
  3. In the drop-down list for Email Display, select “Hide my email address from non-privileged users.”
    highlights location of email display drop-down
    Note: Your email will still be visible to the Training Team and Tech Support.

Sometimes I have problems running the videos. What can I do about that?

The videos in the course are optimized to work well across multiple browsers, working over connections from Wi-Fi to broadband. The player will detect your current bandwidth and stream the video at the optimal setting.

If the videos consistently run slow or hang over Wi-Fi, it may be the strength of the signal. When you’re running the video, check the signal strength. If it’s consistently low, the videos may not run optimally.

Unless technical support can verify that it is a system-wide issue, there is little we can do for an individual participant.

Sometimes I have problems opening the PDF documents. What can I do about that?

It is common for current browsers to attempt to open PDF files using a browser plugin. Larger files can cause issues if the plugin cannot read the file due to your connection speed, especially over Wi-Fi. You may want to save the files to your hard drive and then open them in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader (Windows or Mac) or Preview (Mac) rather than opening them within the course window. To save the files, right-click (Windows) or option-click (Mac) the PDF link and select “Save Link As …” (Google Chrome and Firefox), “Save target as ...” (Internet Explorer), or “Download Linked File As ...” (Safari).

When I go to a Notes page nothing works, what do I do?

You may be confusing the "notes" pages with online forms where you enter data in the browser and then 'submit' your information. The notes pages are not online forms. You do not have to do anything with them, and you cannot enter any information via the browser.

Notes pages are provided for participants to use as a starting point in answering specific questions while they watch the course videos. The underlines help you identify how many words complete the included question. As an example; if there are three underlines, you should be looking for three words. Usually, they are made available in two versions; a PDF, which usually requires a browser plugin or separate application, and a web page, which requires no additional software.

If you download and open the PDF in another application, depending on that application, it might be possible to annotate your answers in the document while you watch the video. We do not have any method of accepting, nor do we want you to submit, any of the notes you make while you go through the course.

When I click “Post to forum,” nothing happens or I lose all my work. What is wrong?

  • There are a couple of questions for you to consider that might lead to the answer.
    1. Did you take longer than two hours to compose your reply?
      Although this sounds unlikely, it does happen sometimes for long, thoughtful responses. If so, the training site saw you as inactive and disconnected you. This is a security feature meant to protect people who walk away from a publicly available computer without logging out. Think of typing on your keyboard as the equivalent of watching TV—you push buttons to find what you want to watch, but then you may do other things while you watch the TV program. The TV doesn’t know if you are watching the program or not until you push the remote button to change channels or turn it off. Similarly, the training site doesn’t know you’re still active until you click Post to forum—and if you do so after two hours of inactivity, it is too late.
    2. Are you connected via a reliable Internet connection?
      Public Wi-Fi is notorious for having unreliable connections and/or signal strength, resulting in connection resets. If your connection is not reliable, it could cause the online course server to think you closed your connection. Think of it as a power outage; there are some clocks that will need to be reset no matter how brief the outage.
  • If neither of the above conditions applies to you, unfortunately the issue may never be resolved with certainty:
    • Applications crash
    • Computers end up with viruses
    • Updated software can contain bugs
    • Some online learning participants have reported issues when using Internet Explorer in Windows 8 and the Moodle text editor. Unfortunately, this is not something BGEA can fix. If you’re using Windows 8, there are three things you can do:
      1. The best option is to follow the discussion forum best practice explained in Quick Start Guide Best Practices.
      2. Download Firefox or Google Chrome and try one or the other (or both).
      3. Disable the default editor.
        • This third option will remove all formatting options such as bold and italics. Plain text should be adequate for your needs in the course, but you can use HTML formatting if you prefer to be able to format. There are many HTML tutorials online, which you can find with a search. Look for HTML formatting for paragraphs, ordered and unordered lists, bold, and italics.
        • To disable the default editor:
          1. From the Administration block, click “My profile settings” > “Edit profile.”
          2. Scroll down to the ninth option, Text editor. From the drop-down menu, select “Plain text area.”
          3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Update profile.”

Can I get a copy of the course in print?

The course is currently available only online, due to the number of videos used as teaching elements.

Can I purchase the videos in the course separately?

The videos are currently available only as part of the online course.

How do I purchase the reference reading materials in the course?

Most of the readings are included in the course. If you’d like to purchase any of Billy Graham’s books or other materials noted in the course, please visit

How can I make comments or suggestions about the course?

At the end of the course you will be asked to complete a brief survey, and you can provide comments or suggestions at that time. If you have more urgent suggestions, you can send them to Please understand that given the nature of the course and the number of participants, BGEA is unable to provide individual attention to each participant of the course.

Is it possible for me to bookmark where I left off in the course?

Yes, but you’ll need to change it each time you leave the course. In your browser, you can bookmark the page where you left off, and when you open that bookmark you will be asked to enter your username and password. When you do, the course will open at the bookmarked page.

Can I use the materials from the course in my own ministry?

All the material in the course is copyrighted by Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, except where otherwise noted. The Terms and Conditions set forth what you can and cannot do with the materials. If you’d like to quote from the materials, it’s best to seek permission first.

What are the various menu items on the right side of the page?

  1. Activities
    • Forums: These are related to the discussion post questions. Through these links you can see how many discussions are in process and whether you are subscribed to the forum. If you choose to subscribe, the site will email new posts directly to you.
    • Quizzes: This link lists the quizzes, allows you to continue prior attempts, and lets you know your score on each quiz that you have taken.
    • Resources: This link takes you to a listing of pages or materials in the order in which they appear in the course.
  2. Navigation
    • Grades: This provides a listing of the items that are graded in the course—the quizzes in each lesson. Your grades on each and a course total are shown. You can click through directly from here to the items listed if you would like to review or retake any of the graded items.
  3. How to Get Help
    • This area provides an option for contacting Support if you are experiencing trouble with this site and you do not find the answers to your question(s) in the FAQs.

What is Moodle?

Moodle stands for Modular Object Oriented Distance Learning Environment. It’s an open-source learning management system used by BGEA and over 50,000 educational institutions and companies to deliver courses online.

I’m often sent back to the login page, or I’m not able to access some pages or materials in the course. What can I do about that?

The answer does depend on whether you are taken to the login page where you have to re-enter your username and password or if you are taken back to the course home page. The image below will help you determine which page you are taken to.
reduced size comparison login vs course

  • If login page:
    • The site uses session cookies to track from page to page. If you do not set your browser to allow cookies on the site, you will have to log in each time you go to a new page.
  • If course home page:
    • You are probably trying to access an activity (video, quiz or discussion) that has conditional access and you have not completed the activity that precedes it. The majority of our course content is meant to be viewed in order. Please see our Introductory Video Tutorial, starting at approximately 1:50 and go through to approximately 4:55 (roughly three minutes of video). This will help you problem-solve what you need to complete.
  • If neither login or course home page:
    • The course may open new windows as you advance through it, and your browser may consider these to be pop-ups. Please disable your pop-up blocker for this site before attempting to enter the course.

When I attempt to read a discussion post I get, “Error reading from the database.” How do I see what others have written?

There is a known bug with the option, “Display replies in threaded form.”

select options

We will update our software as soon as we can. In the meantime, choose a different discussion viewing option from the drop-down menu, select either:

  • Display replies flat, with oldest first,
  • Display replies flat, with newest first, or
  • Display replies in nested form.

The site doesn’t seem to be displaying properly. What can I do about that?

This course works best with the latest browser versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. If you are running an older version of one of these browsers, the site may not function properly, and you should upgrade to a new version of the browser you’re using.

How do I obtain my course completion certificate at the end of the course?

  • The next-to-last item in the last lesson is the course certificate. It will be locked until you pass all the quizzes.
  • When it’s unlocked, simply click it, and it will take you to a new window. Click “View certificate.”
    shows view certificate option
  • Due to server space, we do not store certificates. They are self-generated at the time when you click to view them. We encourage you to download the PDF, print it with a color printer on high-quality paper, and save the PDF file someplace safe.

How do I get support for School of Evangelism Online?

As of November 6, 2020, School of Evangelism Online has been moved to a different platform. You have to seek assistance via that platform as no person assisting with this site can help. We may not be able to keep the image below updated if they change the layout of their login page but as of right now we are highlighting where you need to go for assistance.

If you purchased the course before November 6, 2020, we are sorry but our support for it ends May 31, 2021. We cannot grant any more time for it and we cannot transfer any work you did in it.
highlights URL and support link

Are the courses within Billy Graham Online Evangelism Training tax deductible?

No, the courses are considered a service and not a donation.